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So what's cosmetic acupuncture, really? The natural face-lift treatment you want to know about.

Cosmetic acupuncture, also known as facial rejuvenation acupuncture, is a non-surgical treatment that involves the insertion of tiny, stainless steel needles into the face to improve the health and appearance of your skin. It works on the complexion from many angles:

First, it helps the body to produce more collagen. Did you know that natural production of collagen decreases as we age by about one percent per year after age 20? Collagen is an important protein building block that maintains the integrity of our skin and gives us that plump, youthful look. Reduction in collagen is the culprit for the gradual appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, thin “crepey” skin, and loss of elasticity that we see as we age. Through a micro-wound healing response, cosmetic acupuncture is able to ramp up the body’s natural production of collagen, which means not only can we treat what is already happening, we can prevent or at least keep the signs of aging at bay. This is why we are seeing people of all ages coming in for cosmetic acupuncture!

Secondly, cosmetic acupuncture targets the muscles of the face: similar to muscles of the body, muscles of the face can become either too tense (ex. formation of ‘11s’ on the forehead) or too weak, resulting in drooping and sagging. Through facial acupuncture and modalities like gua sha and cupping, we stimulate the facial muscles to hold their natural length and position, resulting in a relaxed yet firm structure.

Third, we rely on parasympathetic response, which is a state of rest and digest for the body. When we drift off into this state, it enhances our sense of health and wellbeing. A calm mind is a calm body, which radiates from the inside out.

"Just like tight muscles in the body, we target tight muscles of the face. Reducing tension in the facial muscles allows the muscles to hold their natural length and position for a relaxed yet firm structure"

Treatment plans typically range from 10-12 sessions. For optimal results, bi weekly sessions per month for the first 6-8 sessions is recommended, followed by monthly sessions for maintenance. New collagen production takes around 4-6 weeks to ramp up, thus visible results can be expected along this timeline. Results can last 2-3 years with regular monthly maintenance sessions.

Facial rejuvenation acupuncture has been shown to:

  • Fill fine lines and wrinkles

  • Improve muscle tone and tighten the face

  • Reduce sagging around the eyes, jowls and cheeks

  • Balance the complexion and skin tone

  • Reduce puffiness

  • Improve conditions such as acne, rosacea, eczema

  • Increase collagen production and skin elasticity

  • Increase blood circulation

What to expect:

  • Treatments include:

    • Essential oil cleanse

    • Gentle facial effleurage to increase circulation

    • Facial cupping to reduce tension

    • Targeted facial acupuncture to address problem areas, fine lines, and skin texture

    • Body acupuncture (as needed) to address internal factors that may be affecting the complexion, such as poor sleep, digestion, inflammation, etc.

    • Moisturizer application

    • Cooling rose quartz roller & gua sha to close the pores, lock in moisture, and tighten the face

How to prepare for your appointment:

  • Eat prior to your appointment

  • Avoid caffeine (this can make you jittery and less likely to relax and enjoy the treatment!)

  • Come to your appointment with a clean face

  • Loose fitting clothing is ideal but not a must

  • Drinks lots of water after your treatment

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