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Pinpoint was established in downtown Toronto, in 2016, from Julie's strong desire to bring high quality bodywork to the forefront of preventative healthcare

For six years, our small team tended to busy and stressed clientele, offering RMT and Acupuncture services in a style all it's own.

In early 2023, Julie closed Pinpoint's doors and relocated to Hamilton.


Julie offers mindful, relaxing treatments, often blending a variety of modalities for therapeutic benefit. Her care is calming for the nervous system, which acts as the antidote to living in a high stress world.


Rest is highly underrated.

same vibes, same philosophy, new city.

Cupping Therapy


What treatment should I start with?


All first time clients need to book 60 mins, so we can take the proper amount of time discussing your needs, and getting hands on time.

I take special interest in treating headaches/migraines and burnout.

Do you offer deep tissue massage?

I don't offer deep 'sports style' massage.


I offer impactful care that is relaxation and rest focused.

I offer moderate pressure, mindful care through my hands, cupping and acupucnture.

My approach is slow, intentional and relaxing for the nervous system.

Rest is encouraged here.

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