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Rest is highly underrated.


Pinpoint was Est in Toronto, in 2016, from a strong desire to bring RMT & Acupuncture services to the forefront of preventative healthcare and beyond. From a small gorgeous room in downtown Toronto, our small and skilled team provided high quality care to busy and burnout clients.

With the ongoing pandemic affecting small businesses in the downtown core, things just weren't the same. In early 2023 we closed our Toronto doors, to begin again in Hamilton.


Back Massage


Relaxing the nervous system, one client at a time.

This at the core of my work. I have found that the best care is restful care that is both therapeutic yet relaxing.


The more we relax into a parasympathetic state, the more positive impact it can have on mental and physical health.

Cupping Therapy


What treatment should I start with?

Great question. All first time clients need to book at least 60 mins with me so we can take a proper amount of time discussing your needs and getting that good hands on time. 

My treatments are all hybrids. Meaning, a blend of many modalities, which I work seamlessly into your session. 

Most often I will add acupuncture once I have prepped your body with massage, choosing points that calm the mind and target your concerns.

Neck Therapy
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