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All services are covered by extended health benefits. No direct billing at this time.


*prices listed below include HST

*insurance receipt provided 


The Essential Hybrid Treatment / Massage Therapy / Medical Acupuncture / Specific Treatment Care  

45 Mins (returning clients only) $120

60 Mins $140

75 Mins $165

90 Mins $190

Facial Massage + Acupuncture

*this service is billed under massage therapy, as are all of my treatments.

Facial contouring massage, qua sha, facial cupping and specific facial needling to reduce tightness, frown formation and jaw tension.

This treatment ramps increases blood flow and softens the facial muscles and is overall a very relaxing experience for the whole body.

65 Min  $150

Packages for Facial Massage + Acupuncture 

Preventative Skincare Series ~ 4 sessions


Preventative Skincare Series ~ 8 sessions


Preventative Skincare Series ~ 12 sessions


* 12 sessions contact to book only

*please contact

Rates ~
Woman getting a head massage at a spa
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