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Feel better in your body.


A sanctuary for the stressed ~ 

Registered Massage and Medical Acupuncture. We offer a safe space to rest in the midst of busy life.

Meet Julie ~

A different approach to care.

Bodywork does not have to be painful to be effective.

My treatment style is slow and therapeutic. I work intuitively to calm the nervous system, providing restful and restorative care. 


Depth: moderate-firm yet gentle.

I do not offer fast paced, painful deep tissue. If this is your preference, I'm not the right fit for you.

Come feel the difference slow care can make.


Sutherland Chan 2005

McMaster (Contemporary Medical Acupuncture) 2012

Cranial Series Sutherland Chan 2007

Pinpoint RMT
217 Main Street West

Hamilton, Ontario
L8P 1J4


South side of Main between Queen Street S and Hess Street S, inside the office of Lisa Tabrizi, ND.

Free 2hr parking on Jackson Street south of Main.

Meter parking $2/hr on Caroline Street one street east of Hess, south of Main. 

Every Wednesday, 11-6
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