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woman getting a massage treatment

Feel better in your body.


A sanctuary for the stressed ~ 

Registered Massage, Medical Acupuncture, Facial Rejuvenation. I offer a safe space to rest in the midst of busy life.

Welcome to Pinpoint.

Meet Julie ~

Founder, Owner and Operator.


A different approach to care.

Bodywork does not have to be painful to be effective.

My treatment style is slow and mindful. I work intentionally to bring each body into a more relaxed state (parasympathetic zone), so the work can be better integrated. 


Slow care means that we can go deeply into the tissue without causing resistance and/or pain.

I do not offer fast paced, 'sports style' deep tissue. If this is your preference, I'm not the right fit for you.



Mondays 10:30-6

Wednesdays 11-6

Fridays 11-5

Location & Hours ~

217 Main Street West,



Mondays 10:30-6

Wednesdays 11-6

Fridays 11-5

*additional hours coming April 2024



Parking is available behind the clinic for $4/hour. 

Parking is also available on side streets, and free on Jackson Street just south of the clinic.

Driving east along Main Street

take the first right at Queen and direct left behind the clinic.

Driving west along King Street

take a left at Queen and direct left after Main Street, behind the clinic.

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