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woman getting a massage treatment

Feel better in your body.


A sanctuary for the stressed ~ 

Registered Massage and Medical Acupuncture. I offer a space to rest in the midst of busy life.

Welcome to Pinpoint.

Meet Julie ~

Founder, Owner and Operator.


A different approach to care.

Bodywork does not have to be painful to be effective.

My treatment style is slow and mindful. I work intentionally to bring each body into a more relaxed state (parasympathetic zone) where recovery can take place.


Mondays 11-6

Tuesdays 11-6

Wednesdays 11-6

Thursdays 10-4

Fridays 11-4

Location & Hours ~
217 Main Street West,


Mondays 11-6

Tuesdays 11-6

Wednesdays 11-6

Thursday 10-4

Fridays 11-4



Parking is available in the lot behind the studio.


Please note it is by credit card only $4/hour. 

Driving east along Main Street

take the first right at Queen and direct left behind the clinic.

Driving west along King Street

take a left at Queen and direct left after Main Street, behind the clinic.

Free parking is available on Jackson Street - south of our studio.

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